Musings on the Beatitudes

By Lorraine J. Anderson

Unfortunate are those who will not mourn

 For the comfort of God will be denied to them.

Unfortunate are those who are prosperous,

 For the way to heaven will be difficult.

Unfortunate are the powerful,

   For they shall be humbled.

Unfortunate are the wicked,

  For the face of God shall turn away from them.

Unfortunate are those who are content,

  For they often forget to thank God for their blessings.

Unfortunate are the warmongers,

  For they will never know God’s love.

Unfortunate are those who delight in persecuting others,

  For they shall not know Heaven.

But those fortunate are those who love God and love their neighbors as themselves,

For they shall know God’s love.



Why Do We See Beauty?

Why Do We See Beauty?

By Lorraine J. Anderson

Does the tiger see beauty?

Does the bee gaze at the sea?

Does the woodchuck write poetry?

Does the lemur paint trees?

Lord, grant that we may always see

All that You have created us to be.


No, we smell the fragrant flowers,

We sail the deep blue seas,

We create songs and poetry,

We gaze at red tinged autumn trees.

Lord, grant that we may always see

All that You have created us to be.


But why do we like poetry?

Why does art inspire Romance?

Why do we sing rolling operas?

Why do we engage in the dance?

Lord, grant that we may always see

All that You have created us to be.


My Lord, You have painted the sunrise.

My Lord, You have created the poetry.

My Lord, You have written the songs.

My Lord, You have created all for us to see.

Lord, grant that we may always see

All that You have created us to be.


We thank You, Lord, for letting us see,

The beauty that you have created us to be.


Let God

In these days of hurry, hurry, hurry, get this done now, no time for stopping –

Let go and let God.

In these days of anxiety and hate and grief and loathe your neighbors –

Let go and let God.

In these days of “you need to think like me and talk like me and look like me or else you are evil,”

Let go and let God.

Let go and let God,

Let go and let God,

Guide you to the love He provides

Show you the beauty of all humankind .

Let go and let God,

Help you combat the evil in our lives.

Let go and let God.

The Hero of Our Stories

Lord Jesus,

What is it about your story

That lasts through the ages?

You weren’t the rich prince.

You didn’t get the girl.

You didn’t solve the mystery.

You didn’t incite rebellion.

You didn’t go on a quest.

You didn’t kill the monster.

Yet you were rich in God’s love,

You got all of humankind.

You solved the mystery of life.

You created a personal way to God

Through Your sacrifice.

You incited peace amongst peoples.

You quested for fishers of men,

You killed the monster of Death.

Lord Jesus, You are the light of the world,

And the hero of our stories.


This Ride on Earth


By Lorraine J. Anderson

When my ride on Earth is over,
And the lights all fade til gone
I pray that the Spirit will take me
To the Father and the Son.

When I finally shed this body
All my pain will fade away,
I’ll be reborn in Heaven.
Oh, Lord, this is what I pray.

No more misunderstandings
No more wars and fights,
No more petty ego tantrums.
I will fully blaze in his Light.

But until that day comes, oh Lord,
Help me ride through this life on Earth,
Help me to light Your way for others,
So that we all might have Your rebirth.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thanksgiving – a Meditation

Oh, Lord, today is Thanksgiving day.
We thank you for friends who are family,
And for family who are friends .

We thank you for food on our tables,
For the blessings in our lives
And the troubles which help us grow in you.

We pray that the mighty would learn to be humble,
And the humble might learn to be mighty,
And that we all may turn to You.

Lord, we know that we may not always understand
Or even like our neighbors, close by, or across the world.
But grant us the ability to love them as our family in You.

Thank You for everything.