The Carpenter in Galilee

To “The Miller Of Dee” tune

By Lorraine J. Anderson .

There were three men a fishing once upon the Galilee sea

Simon Peter, And James And John, the sons of Zebedee

A carpenter came and asked for a boat

And preached for the people, did he.

And told the men, leave all behind and come and follow me.

He was the Son Of God he said, and miracles did they behold

The lepers healed, the blind could see, and the crowd fed fourfold

The carpenter gathered the men around him, and preached the  parables bold.

And told the men, come follow me, then his death he foretold.

To Jerusalem he went and Pilate he did see.

They said he was the King of Jews, then they hung him on the tree.

But in three days, he rose again, and our sins away took he.

Praise be to God and to the Spirit and to Jesus all three.

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