How Sad

— Thoughts on the current world situation —

By Lorraine J. Anderson

When life is quiet and times are prosperous,

We get along,

When life is turbulent and times are dangerous,

We fight.

How sad.

Are we not all the same?

Are we not all human?

Why do we argue?

Why don’t we want the best for each other?

But the problem is — we do.

Most want the best for each other.

Most help each other —

—If we know each other personally.

But there are those who create discord.

They claim the other side is evil.

They claim the other side will destroy us.

They claim that the other side will kill us.

We listen to them.

Yet, when we meet the other side,

There’s a dissonance.

The other side,

    They are us.

       We are them.

Why are we fighting us?

How sad.