~~~~~~~New Years, New Beginnings~~~~~~~

By Lorraine J. Anderson

Dear Lord,

As one day flows into the next,

We remark on the passage of time,

As if the division of the days and nights

Truly make a difference.


Yet we need the passage of time,

To let us know where we are.

And while today may be the same as yesterday,

Months and years bring changes.


A baby grows to a child, an adult grows old,

Yet it is only in contrast that we notice the change,

Like following a trickle to a stream to a river to the sea,

We wonder how the trickle grew so big.


Life is slow, yet life is fast,

We wait impatiently for the next change,

And the next year comes before we know it.

Yet tomorrow comes slowly.


You are the only true constant, oh Lord,

Give us the wisdom not to waste time,

The patience to wait on You,

And guidance to help and love our neighbors.



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