Life as Football

By Lorraine J. Anderson

We put on our helmets.

We put on our guards.

We put on our cleats.

We run for the zone.

We scramble around.

We pile up ourselves up.

We dive for the ball.

We keep others away.

We play for our team.

We fall down to the ground

Some of us pop up;

Some others stay down.

We get pushed off field.

We run the whole way.

We scheme and we plan.

Our plans go awry.

Some leave the field.

Some stay in the game.

Some sit on the bleachers.

Some play through the rain.

But what we forget,

The most important point of all —

We are all on the same team

We are all children of God.

And when we make the last touchdown,

Our time will be done.

We can rest in the Lord.

Our game will be won.


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