By Lorraine J. Anderson

The sun sparks glisten behind yellow autumn trees,

Pouring through in the soul in light and shadow.

The sun gleams glow on winter snow,

Startling the eye in white crystal diamonds.

The sun reflects on the light green of early spring leaves,

Green haze finally glimmering on brown bark.

The sun bursts through dark summer storm clouds,

Promises of multi-colored light refractions.


The Son sparks brightly into my soul,

Banishing my shadow with light.

The Son gleams into my dark heart,

Startling me with his promise of comfort.

The Son glimmers into my soul towards grace,

Prodding me to reflect his bright heart.

The Son‘s love bursts through my doubt,

Promises of the life to come.


Glory to God in the highest,

And peace to his people on Earth.