Musing on Changes

By Lorraine J. Anderson

All things change.
Changes can be in an instant,
Or could be slow in coming.
Canyons are formed by change,
Mountains rise by change,
A flower blooms by change.

To live is to change,
From childhood to old age.
To gain friends, to lose friends,
To marry, to have children, to have love,
To lose, and to gain again.

Change —
Life is change,
Life is scary,
Life is to share,
Life is joy,
Life is to shine,
Life is to hit gain our potential
Change is bad,
Change is good,
Yahweh changes us,
Yahweh changes our living water into wine.

Lord, come into my life,
Help me not to be afraid of change,
Guide my path so that I may change
To reflect your Glory.


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