Nobiscum Deus

By Lorraine J. Anderson

My God is not in the sky.
My God is all around me,
In everything I do.
In the ground I walk on.
In the bread I eat,
In the water I drink.
In the very air I breathe.
In the red rose I smell,
In the people I see.
In those that love you
In those that deny you,
In those that do not know you.
In those that commit evil in your Name.
In those that do good in your Name.
In the clouds above,
In the magma below,
In the sparrow that falls,
In the Eagle aloft.
In the stars above,
In the rocks below.
In all that breathes,
In all that moves,
In all things stationary.
In the very molecules of us all.
In Jesus, the Son,
In Judas, the betrayed,
In Peter, the rock.
In us all.

YHWH, the very breath of my soul,
Guide me this day as to what I should do,
Not my will, but thine be done.


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