God Is….

God Is….

By Lorraine J. Anderson

God is the light that helps you see

Out on the turbulent deep dark sea.

God is the salt that flavors your life

When all around is trouble and strife.

God is the rock on which you stand

When all around is sinking sand.

God is the constant loving force

When all of your life is filled with remorse.

God is the joy when all things are grand,

God is the joy when you’re on sinking sand.

Eucharistos Reflections

Eucharistos Reflections

By Lorraine J. Anderson

Sing praises to God

Give thanks to Him.

Give thanks to God

Sing praise to him


Act in faith to him;

Turn and give thanks.

Turn in faith to Him;

To him act in Thanks.


Thanks to Him brings joy;

Praise to Him brings grace.

Praise to Him brings joy;

Thanks to Him brings grace


Do not be discouraged

But always be grateful.

Give Thanks and Joy and Praise

To the Lord our God,

(Thanks to Rev. Brenda Deily for inspiration.)

All Things Beautiful

By Lorraine J. Anderson

The world is filled with the beauty of God.

He is the tree stretching up to the sky.

He is the early morning golden mist.

He is the geese flying south on high.

He is the mountain far in the distance

He is the ant industrially toiling.

He is the rainbow after an evening rain.

He is the stormy ocean boiling.

He is the full moon in a clear black sky.

He is the warthog for roots digging.

He is the old man passing by with his walker.

He is the operatic soprano singing.

He is the spider in the web in the corner.

He is the worm in the ground.

He is the robin singing for his mate.

He is the far-off freight train sound.

He is the baby in his mother’s arms.

He is the golden fish in the lake.

He is the shimmering Northern lights .

He is the hissing cobra snake.

He is the butterfly in the flowers.

He is the field of green green soy.

He is the amoeba in the deep sea.

He is the dirty grimy little boy.

He is All and considers all things beautiful.

And asks that we do, too.

May we learn to love all God is.

And follow his lead so true.


By Lorraine J. Anderson

Life is hope

Hope is joy

God is life

And hope and joy.

Hope is life

Life is love,

God is Hope

And life and love

Love is wise

Wisdom is truth

God is Love,

And wise and truth

Truth is wise

Wisdom is power

God is truth

And wise and power.

God is All


God with us


What Would You Do?

By Lorraine J. Anderson

If He came back today, just what would you do

As you sit so comfortable down in your pew?

Would you give Him all, Follow all that is true?

If He came back today, just what would you do?

If He came back today, would you follow his lead?

Or sit and stay comfortable, follow Man’s creed,

Critiquing Jesus for comforting those people in need.

If He came back today, would you follow his lead?

If He came back today, then what would you say?

Would you say that you’re busy, not convenient today?

Would you praise Him with words, but by actions betray?

If He came back today, then what would you say?

If He came back today, just what would you do?

Would you Follow Jesus only if He Follows you?

Social media his disciples, critique Him anew.

If He came back today, just what would you do?

The Carpenter in Galilee

To “The Miller Of Dee” tune

By Lorraine J. Anderson .

There were three men a fishing once upon the Galilee sea

Simon Peter, And James And John, the sons of Zebedee

A carpenter came and asked for a boat

And preached for the people, did he.

And told the men, leave all behind and come and follow me.

He was the Son Of God he said, and miracles did they behold

The lepers healed, the blind could see, and the crowd fed fourfold

The carpenter gathered the men around him, and preached the  parables bold.

And told the men, come follow me, then his death he foretold.

To Jerusalem he went and Pilate he did see.

They said he was the King of Jews, then they hung him on the tree.

But in three days, he rose again, and our sins away took he.

Praise be to God and to the Spirit and to Jesus all three.